It’s my absolute favourite meal.

Brunch is when I’m most hungry. It’s the weekend, it’s the first meal of the day (so there is no guilt for what I ate earlier) hence, I usually go hell for leather. Get the flat whites in, get extra toast, then persuade someone to share French Toast loaded with strawberries and mascarpone cream with me afterwards…I basically eat all of the food.

Brunch is the social dining experience. My friends are much more likely to meet for brunch these days than dinner. I love the spontaneity of brunch. You just rock up….and hopefully don’t have to queue for a half hour.  

I have a few requirements for a good brunch though. Firstly, hipster cafe wannabe, don’t call any old slice of white bread, sourdough. Sourdough has become a buzzword like ‘kale’ these days and there are a lot of shitty impersonators out there. JUST. DON’T.

Secondly, I need a decent flat white or double macchiato. There are so many good coffee places in Dublin these days that my tolerance for bad coffee is now very low. Last time I was in the Westbury Hotel, they gave me one of those rank coffees out of one of those machines that you only press 1 button for a cappuccino. And it cost €5.40. Ragin.

Thirdly, I need the restaurant to care about the food they are serving. I’ve gone off places that once would have been on my ‘All Time Favourites’ list due to a drop in standards and the staff not caring. 3FE  has gotten insanely popular and having had three bad experiences of late, it’s like they’ve become complacent. No thanks, there are plenty of other places out there working really hard to produce the best plate of food they can, I’d rather give them my money.

Anyway enough waffle. People sometimes ask me where is good to go for brunch so I thought I’d throw the places that I feel genuine love for into a list for y’all;


155b Rathgar Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6

Fia is still considered to be ‘new’ to the brunch scene. I look forward to brunch here every single time I go. I think I went every weekend for about a month when it first opened back in March. Reminds me so much of brunch places in Sydney. Literally heaven on a plate. Some people would consider the portions a little small. I think they are delicate – the food is like art, topped with edible flowers. You can feel the love bouncing off the plate. The coffee is great. Service is top notch. The staff are full of smiles.

My favourite dish is the Mushrooms on Toast. It is UNREAL; buttery baby Paris brown mushrooms, caramelised leeks, white truffle yoghurt sauce, a fried egg, and some lovely sunflower shoots.





14b Emorville Avenue, Dublin 8

This place is so special to me. So many good eating memories have been made here!

The butternut squash eggs are one of the best brunch dishes in the city I think. Roasted butternut squash with poached eggs, garlic yogurt, chilli butter and toasted sourdough.  Many have tried to copy but failed.  


The french toast,  loaded with strawberries,  mascarpone cream and topped with roasted hazelnuts stand out too. I’m hungry just thinking about it. The restaurant is one of the cutest I’ve ever been to, located in the middle of a beautiful red brick residential area off South Circular Rd and the seating outside in the perfect sunspot.  




46 Harrington st. Dublin 8

Sister Sadie is the little sister of Brother Hubbard. Like it’s big brother all the food is Middle Eastern inspired.  The Shakshuka, their French Toast and the Middle Eastern eggs are ‘go there just for them’ kinda good. Flat whites are unreal. You’ll need to have two. Service is very friendly. The only thing I don’t like are the stools to sit on, they are like little kid’s stools and at 5ft 11, I feel like the adult sitting at the kiddie’s table. I’ll do it for dem Middle Eastern Eggs though.





Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8

Ahhh the aul Fumbally. I envy those carefree hipster feckers that work there. Like they literally don’t have a care in the world as they swan cheerfully about the place. B*stards. I love the hippy communal vibe in this place. It makes you consider ditching the 9-6 rat race, be a free spirit and stop washing your hair…. Ok maybe not the hair part.

They have these words printed at the top of their menu;

We only use meat suppliers who give their animals the freedom to roam,  our eggs are always free range and we try to use as much organic and local produce as we can.  I lap that kinda thing right up. A rare experience these days where most produce seems to have some horror story behind it. The food here is wholesome, every mouthful feels like it’s good for you. Think buttery Eggs with Avocado on homemade brioche or Avocado & Chilli on toast with three heaps of delicious salad. They do a mean Falafel plate and Green eggs and Ham. I had a beetroot bourguignon once which is still one of the best things I’ve ever put in my gob. Ahem.




50 Pleasants Street, Dublin

This place has a bang of coolness off it. Laid back, simple and tiny in comparison to its competitors but it’s holding its own. Hopefully it inspires another shed load of tiny quality breakfast places, bigger isn’t always better lads! The first time I went, my other half found the portions too small so it took me a while to persuade him back. They seem to have gotten larger recently and just as exceptional. The Eggs and Greens are awesome. The Granola is so moreish. The coffee is perfection in a cup. When the sun shines, it has a lovely sunspot outside. Just get your arse in there pronto!




375 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

Delightful addition to the Dublin brunch scene. Taurean Coughlan (wintourandguinness blogger) and his team have opened up this Melbourne inspired restaurant and their taste is impeccable. Their space on North Circular Rd is on fleek.  I had the sweetcorn fritters with poached eggs, roast tomato, rocket and avocado salsa. Nothing like corn fritters to remind me of my time in Australia. Planning on going back in the next couple of weeks to try the Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcake with berries, maple  syrup, mixed crushed nuts and mascarpone. Drool.