A Passage To Indie

https://soundcloud.com/clear_haze_ie/a-passage-to-indie-1 A Passage to Indie is an amazing mix of top quality U.S. Indie and Irish brogue. This is the best place to find new...

A Passage To Indie – 2/01/17

Happy New Year. Here is the best mix of fresh and classic Indie this side of the Mississippi. The latest episode of A Passage To...

Tiny Choons – 3

https://soundcloud.com/clear_haze_ie/tiny-choons Zonja and Kt play some of their absolute favourite tunes on the latest episode- a chill out show with mostly RnB and hip hop...

A Passage To Indie – 9th March 2017

https://soundcloud.com/clear_haze_ie/apti-ch-4-13-09-16 An eclectic hour of the finest American Indie rock from HO'Reilly with customary collaboration from Charlie Adler

Tiny Choons 22/02/2017

https://soundcloud.com/clear_haze_ie/tiny-choons-1 Tiny Choons' first show of 2017! As usual, playing a mix of tunes they like, some old and new, including Childish Gambino, Ekkah, Bon...

Tiny Choons 4th July

https://soundcloud.com/clear_haze_tv/tinychoons-podcast-nov-4th/s-6v3jt Kt + Zonja dedicate their latest show to their biggest fan J.P. and re-live his recent, amazing birthday party at Bagots Hutton - where...

Pitches Be Crazy – All About Angels


Irish Man went to fight ISIS

CJ Swan is an Irish man who chose to go Iraq to train with the Kurds to fight against ISIS in Syria. His experience...