The Museum Of Love
This is a live performance by one of my favourite bands Museum Of Love, on the excellent Seattle based KEXP radio station.

I have watched the video so many times, it’s amazing. If you don’t know the band it is 2 DFA label DJ guys Pat Mahoney (also former LCD Soundsystem drummer) and Dennis Mc Nany making sweet, sweet music together. I really love that LCD was (and is) one of my favourite bands of all time and Pat Mahoney was the drummer for all those years and it turns out he is also an amazing singer.

I shared this video on my blog Swooner Rather Than Hater and then on my Facebook page last February with the throwaway comment ‘I love Pat Mahoney so much I am seriously considering sending him a Valentines card’ – and my friend Rory wrote ‘Do it’ – so I did. Being of the slightly arts n crafty persuasion and never one to shy away from a challenge – as long as doesn’t involve anything gross or actually challenging or in any way difficult, I made and sent a card. When I went to look it up it turned out they had set up a fan club for themselves, so it made it pretty easy. I am just presuming they set up the fan club themselves. It seems like something a favourite band of mine might do. I just sent it from my blog (hence the cosmic vibes, that is the theme of Swooner) saying how great the band is and asking them to come play in Dublin. But like, not in a creepy way.

A couple of weeks later they put a picture up of the card on their instagram and messaged me asking me for my address. Despite the regular warnings I give my dad about never divulging personal information to people online no matter how genuine they seem, I instantly gave a complete stranger on the internet my full address. And not long after they sent me a postcard that is ALSO A RECORD! They haven’t played here yet, but I think the Christmas card I make ’em will swing it.

Anyway, too long, didn’t read? Turns out one of my favourite bands is also super fucking sound. Go listen to their tunes.

Or send them a letter:
Museum Of Love Fanclub,
302 Bedford Avenue,
PMB 155,
NY 11249.

I put together a Spotify playlist of some of their tunes, and their new remix album – it’s SOOO good. I also got a little LCD nostalgia when I was putting it together so there’s some of that in there too.