Staple falafel

Life has just got a whole lot better. Thank you salad gods; Staple Foods have just opened off Mount St, on 24A Grattan Street.
Five minutes stroll from my workplace. The happiness this brings me is rather pathetic but truth be told, Staple Foods’ salads just do it for me baby.

I meant to write this piece a week ago but I’ve been too busy stuffing their salads into my face. Such a lady. Salads can be quite difficult to eat sometimes, don’t you think? Especially if they are not chopped. Why aren’t there more chopped salads available in Ireland? They are available in most places in America. Try manoeuvring a large shard of cos lettuce topped with cranberries and cashews balancing precariously on the fork into your mouth, without contorting your face into something that would scare a small child. The struggle is real.

There’s something really satisfying about scoffing salad though. You enjoy it because you know it’s packed full of nutrients and tastes good at the same time. It’s like you get a pass to eat like a pig. Or maybe that’s just me. Etiquette goes out the window. Are you picturing a pig with it’s head in a trough right now?

Anyway back to my point about salads being difficult to wolf down. The Staple Foods salads are SHREDDED. Well mostly shredded apart from a few leaves in the base. I love shredded or spiralised veggies. I love shredded roast chicken. It’s just a much more pleasurable way to eat in my opinion…and ladylike. Top that shredded goodness with guacamole / hummus / red pepper pesto and your in salad heaven.
Another massive attraction for me is that Staple Foods’ salads are humongous. Phwoarrrrr. Bigger is always better girls. Ahem. These bad boys fill you up. At €9 a box, they are worth it. Some of my skinny ladylike friends get two servings out of them but if you’re a savage like me they are a daycent size feed.

I’ve had them all, apart from the pulled pork, and each are moan inducingly good. The Mexican Salad with shredded roast chicken, black beans, toasted corn, red cabbage, shredded root veg, basmati rice, diced chillies, coriander & fresh mixed leaves and their hero GUACAMOLE is amaze.
The Vegan Superfood Salad of spinach, kale, red quinoa, sprouted cress, cashew nuts, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, avocado, dressed in lemon & raspberry vinaigrette is a rainbow of delicious veggies. The falafel option can be a bit dry but a lot of falafel are…boring dry shites the lorra them. Next time I’m going to replace the pomegranate with sweet potato as I find pomegranate to be an unpleasant crunchy shock sometimes when wolfing. This salad is €13 with the falafel but it’s packed with superfoods.
Staple Foods have only been open a matter of days but I’ve worked my taste buds through the menu already. I would love Staple Foods to put a special on the menu to tantalize my taste buds even more. Please and thank you Staple Foods, yours truly, the difficult to keep happy; Salad Bitch.
Check out the menu here and get ready to drool;

Staple Menu