Pearse D’Arcy – Down for The Ride

Down For The Ride - hung out with Downhill Skateboarder Pearse D'Arcy and captured him doing what he loves to do most, in...

The Beary Hikers’ Burger Bonanza – Pyke’N’Pommes

Jack and Mark hike their way to beautiful Derry City to visit Pyke'n'Pommes for some craic, banter and Wagyu with Kevin Pyke.

Syrias Vibes – Calvin James in Syria July 26th

Calvin James spoke to about his experience as a medic for the frontline fighters in Manbij in Syria.

Hugh Cooneys on Clear Haze

Hugh Cooney, Bad Arse & DJ Vibesphere on Clear Haze talking House basics, busy biking in London & channel tunnel trolls.

Repeal the 8th Debate

A protest took place in Dublin today against the removal of a "Repeal the 8th" mural by artist Maser. We spoke to some of...

Joanne McNally has the chats

Joanne McNally joins Mark Hayes for the 2nd Clear Haze Podcast on for chats about laughs, bribes, mild-beastiality, 24 Hour Plays and gearing...

Syrias Vibes – Calvin James in Syria 24th August.

Calvin James talks about the situation in Northern Syria after Turkey's incursion in to Jarabalus.

The Beary Hikers’ Sambo Special at 147 Deli

The Beary Hikers take a trip across town to 147 Deli on Parnell Street, a stalwart of the Dublin sandwich. The food and the...

The Beary Hikers’ Burger Bonanza – Box Burger

The Beary Hikers bring the Burger Bonanza to Box Burger in Bray with some existential Dubliner breakdowns and romantic walks on the beach. Dip...

Veggie Morsels – Sister Sadie/Brother Hubbard

Morsels chats with Garrett Fitzgerald of Brother Hubbard on Capel street and Sister Sadie on Harrington Street about the tasty and healthy food that...