Repeal the 8th Debate

A protest took place in Dublin today against the removal of a "Repeal the 8th" mural by artist Maser. We spoke to some of...


Simon & Liz, owners of Etto on Merrion Row, tell about their great restaurant, delicious food and their all important wine.

Lost Children of the Jungle Refugee Camp

After the recent bulldozing of a section of the Jungle Refugee Camp in Calais 129 children are missing. spoke to Inca Sorrell (Unofficial...

Pearse D’Arcy – Down for The Ride

Down For The Ride - hung out with Downhill Skateboarder Pearse D'Arcy and captured him doing what he loves to do most, in...

Down For The Ride – David O’Caoimh

David O'Caoimh, European Wakeboarding Champion, talks to Clear Haze about his love of the sport and show off his skills.

The Beary Hikers’ Burger Bonanza – EAT Gastropub

The Beary Hikers are back with a taste extravaganza at EAT Gastropub in Galway City. JP McMahon has combined a test of stamina with...

The Beary Hikers Burger Bonanza – Bunsen

The gorge of gorgeousness continues with a solo mission to Bunsen in Dublin and a beefy super-hero battle between the Beary Bros.

L’Auberge/Help Refugees Warehouse

Without the work of the warehouses in northern France aid distribution to refugees would be in disarray. The largest of these warehouses is L'Auberge/Help...

Getting Away With Genocide – Guatemala

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Should Ireland decriminalise drugs? spoke to the Irish public about the decriminalisation of drugs for personal use. They were very open and honest. Here is what they...