The Beary Hikers’ Sambo Special at 147 Deli

The Beary Hikers take a trip across town to 147 Deli on Parnell Street, a stalwart of the Dublin sandwich. The food and the...

Syrias Vibes – Calvin James in Syria July 26th

Calvin James spoke to about his experience as a medic for the frontline fighters in Manbij in Syria.

Irish Man went to fight ISIS

CJ Swan is an Irish man who chose to go Iraq to train with the Kurds to fight against ISIS in Syria. His experience...

The Beary Hikers’ Burger Bonanza – Pyke’N’Pommes

Jack and Mark hike their way to beautiful Derry City to visit Pyke'n'Pommes for some craic, banter and Wagyu with Kevin Pyke.

Down For The Ride – Bill Demery

Bill Demery is the Irish Junior Freestyle Champion for Kitesurfing and his approach to the sport is second only to his skill and talent....

Medical Marijuana – Vera Twomey

Medical Marijuana - Vera Twomey tells Clear Haze about her daughter Ava's torturous experience with Dravet's syndrome and the relief she gains from Cannabis...

Limerick City’s Suicide Patrol

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Lost Children of the Jungle Refugee Camp

After the recent bulldozing of a section of the Jungle Refugee Camp in Calais 129 children are missing. spoke to Inca Sorrell (Unofficial...

Down For The Ride – David O’Caoimh

David O'Caoimh, European Wakeboarding Champion, talks to Clear Haze about his love of the sport and show off his skills.

Nialler9 with Vinyl Love for Repeal

On May 14th over 100 DJs will play 8 records at 8 gigs in 8 cities across Ireland & UK in support of Repeal...