Irish Seed Savers

Irish Seed Savers are conserving the natural varieties of apples and other foods to protect the strains and the future survival of Irish foods.

Limerick City’s Suicide Patrol

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TCD Hogwarts Express

Trinity students from Dublin took over a two trains for a Harry Potter themed boozie bash. Clear Haze went along for the ride and...

Irish Students Talk Politics pre election

Irish students give their views on Irish politics and tell us what they think are important issues

The Beary Hikers’ Burger Bonanza – Wow Burger

Jack and Mark make their merry way to the awesome Wow Burger at the back of The Workman's Club on Dublin's Wellington Quay. The...

Beary Hikers’ Burger Bonanza Chili Shack

The Beary Hikers take a trip to Galway to get their mouths blown off with a super special spicy salsa at The Chili Shack....

Vintage Kilo Sale with Kt Mc

We had heard about Vintage Kilo Sales before but not with DJs and drinks. So Kt Mc headed down to the Dublin Vintage Factory...

Veggie Morsels – Sister Sadie/Brother Hubbard

Morsels chats with Garrett Fitzgerald of Brother Hubbard on Capel street and Sister Sadie on Harrington Street about the tasty and healthy food that...

Syrias Vibes – Calvin James in Syria – April 25th

Calvin James is a Dublin DJ, former social worker and co-founder of Scoop foundation. He is currently an aid worker with Hayva Sor a...

The Beary Hikers Burger Bonanza – Bunsen

The gorge of gorgeousness continues with a solo mission to Bunsen in Dublin and a beefy super-hero battle between the Beary Bros.