Irish Man went to fight ISIS

CJ Swan is an Irish man who chose to go Iraq to train with the Kurds to fight against ISIS in Syria. His experience...

A Passage To Indie – 2/01/17

Happy New Year. Here is the best mix of fresh and classic Indie this side of the Mississippi. The latest episode of A Passage To...

A Passage To Indie – 9th March 2017

https://soundcloud.com/clear_haze_ie/apti-ch-4-13-09-16 An eclectic hour of the finest American Indie rock from HO'Reilly with customary collaboration from Charlie Adler

Tiny Choons 4th July

https://soundcloud.com/clear_haze_tv/tinychoons-podcast-nov-4th/s-6v3jt Kt + Zonja dedicate their latest show to their biggest fan J.P. and re-live his recent, amazing birthday party at Bagots Hutton - where...

A Passage To Indie – Late January

https://soundcloud.com/clear_haze_ie/a-passage-to-indie-23-01-17 A Passage to Indie - Hugh O'Reilly playing one hour of the best American Indie/Alt/Garage Rock. Seriously good listening.  

A Passage To Indie

https://soundcloud.com/clear_haze_ie/a-passage-to-indie-1 A Passage to Indie is an amazing mix of top quality U.S. Indie and Irish brogue. This is the best place to find new...

Pitches Be Crazy – All About Angels